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" I am so happy to continue my musical journey with Tony Brown Productions.  We are looking forward to a great future, and a crazy good ride.

Please join us on this ride.  It will be fun!​"​

​B i o g r a p h y

Theresa Spanke is to singing what Gibson is to guitars! Soft, warm melodic tones, effortlessly transition into full bodied bluesy, raspy peaks that emanate from her deep love of music.  She can’t hide it. Her love for her craft shines through her like a radiant light.

Since she was a child, music has played a major role in her life, and it shows.Theresa comes from a musical family, and it is deeply rooted in her DNA. Her parents met at a USO gig back during the Korean War, where her Mom was playing the upright bass, and her Dad was serving in the Air Force. Two of her brothers are also very talented singers/ songwriters/ and incredible musicians in their own right. 

Not to mention the fact that she grew up, and continues to live in Bakersfield, the iconic California city rich in musical heritage, and home to the “Bakersfield Sound”, made famous by folks like Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Red Simpson, Bonnie Owens, Susan Raye, Dallas Frazier, Billy and Buddy Mize, Tommy Collins, the Collins Kids, Cousin Herb Henson, Bill Woods, The Maddox Brothers and Rose, and many more. All of which have influenced her along her musical journey so far.

From about the age of 5 years old, She began playing around with melodies and making up songs.  It made her happy, and It’s a joy that continues in her soul today. From those early endeavors, Theresa has evolved into a masterful songwriter in her own right. No longer content to just sing other’s songs, Theresa is now set to spread her wings and sing her own songs as well. Her desire is to share her stories of love, loss, pain, elation, and all the emotions encountered in life, weaving them into a beautiful tapestry of song. 

Whether it be country, pop, classic rock, or the old standards, otherwise know as “legitimate” music, Theresa loves it all, and is equally adept at performing the different genres.  Even though they are very different from each other, they all have one thing in common…. they move her, and she in turn moves the listener, as she delivers her unforgettable, heart felt renditions. 

Theresa is a natural born performer at heart. Even as a child she always found somewhere to perform, be it at school, the neighborhood park concerts, or even just at home for family and friends, anywhere they would let her, she would sing. Even to this day she maintains the same attitude towards her craft.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the smallest of clubs, big concert venues, or anything in between, she loves them all. For Theresa it is always about the people, not the venue, she loves the people.  Nothing touches her soul more than making people happy and watching them smile and have fun.


Career Highlights

“I would say the highlight of my career so far was getting to record with famed Elvis Presley band members James Burton, Jerry Scheff, and Glen D. Hardin; and the session was produced my dear friend, the legendary singer/songwriter Billy Mize. Also on that session were JayDee Maness of Desert Rose Band, Buckaroos, Vince Gill and many others, and Al Perkins who has played in numerous successful bands as well. That was actually my first professional recording session too, was I lucky or what? Wow, I will never forget that!

I have also recorded with Mark Yeary and Don Marcum of Merle Haggard’s band, and world famous songwriter Wayne Carson…(You Were Always On My Mind, The Letter, and countless other songs that became #1 hits).  Just look him up!

I have toured in Europe where the countries were beautiful, the food and beverages were a real treat, and the people and fans of the music were amazing.

I have been blessed to open up for some great performers such as Diamond Rio, Judy Rodman, Johnny Paycheck, Johnny Lee, Mel McDaniels, David Frizell, Mark Collie, Don Williams, and more. I currently have two of my original songs in the independent film “Pop Kowboy”.

There is so much that I have been fortunate to do.  But, the best part is all the different people I have had the honor of meeting through my music.  From all of the amazing fans, to all of the wonderful musicians, singers, and bands, I have learned something about myself, and life in general, from every one of them.  And, to them I humbly say thank you!

Right now I am thrilled to start a new musical journey with Tony Brown of Tony Brown Productions. We are both very happy and excited to see where this ride takes us. We have a great future ahead.  Please take this journey with us, it's going to be crazy good! “

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